Projects and references

Bluetooth - Limburg City (Germany)

Siemens Germany has installed 11 DeepBlue sensors in their project of Network Control in the German City of Limburg. The sensors send their data to the DeepBlue Core system which is integrated into the Siemens Scala system, using the OCPI2 interface.

The system provides real-time traffic information which is used for intersection control optimization, later on for information on VMS to inform drivers about delays and to propose alternate routes.

Bluetooth – City of Minsk (Belarus)

The City of Minsk chose ITS-United GmbH to provide travel time and origin-destination data analysis to improve the adaptive network control system by optimizing their signalized intersections.

The DeepBlue sensors send their data, using new intersection controllers as data hub, to the central system of state-owned software provider AGAT where the data are getting processed and the results being integrated into the adaptive control strategy of the City.

Pedestrian crossing safety – City of Minsk (Belarus)

City of Minsk decided in autumn 2015 to choose ITS-United to realize a project of pedestrian crossing safety. For this purpose, 3 dangerous non-signalized pedestrian crossings, two of them in front of schools were selected and equipped with Cryzal’s underfloor road markers Megalux. ITS-United realized the turnkey project with and on behalf of the local service company SMEP. Pedestrian waiting zone detectors from our partner AGD detect persons, being on their way to cross the zebra. The controller unit then switches the Megalux in flashing mode to warn the drivers of persons, especially school kids to cross.

Horizontal signalization – Landratsamt Böblingen (Germany)

Landsratsamt Böblingen chose ITS-United’s partner Cryzal to provide enhanced traffic safety at roundabouts in the district of Böblingen. The first realized project was the roundabout L1184/K1036 next to Herrenberg/Gülstein in Germany’s federal state of Baden-Württemberg. Within the turnkey project 27 active curb markers of type Signa’Light have been installed, controlled by a luminosity sensor which switches the Signa’Light markers from dusk till dawn. Due to the successful implementation, the number of accidents at this hotspot decreased to zero. Based on this experience the federal ministry of traffic and infrastructure decided to equip further roundabouts which are actually under construction.

Bluetooth - Federal State of Hessen (Germany)

ITS-United GmbH has realized in partnership with TraffGoRoad the Bluetooth Traffic Information System (BT-Vis) for Hessen Mobil, the state-wide road- and traffic management operator.

BT-Vis takes the encrypted MAC-address data from fixed and mobile Bluetooth sensors and processes them to provide loss time and other information at dynamic constructions sites through VMS (dWiSta = dynamic signposts with integrated congestion information).

The DeepBlue Core-based system is working almost fully automatic and even recognizes purposely repositioning of sensors in the network.

The system acts as an integral part to the overall traffic management system of the federal state of Hessen.

Bluetooth – different cities of Germany

Several major German cities chose ITS-United GmbH to prove the capabilities of Bluetooth detection for travel time and origin/destination matrix analyses.

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