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Our commitment

The ultimate objective of ITS-United GmbH is to supply our customers with high-quality and state-of-the-art products and solutions for traffic detection, organisation and management. We are ready to provide our best to accompany you on all stages of the project in order to create a tailored system of infrastructure in your city - from an idea through planning to the implementation.

We also highly respect our partners for their innovative approach, creativity and hard work they are contributing each day in order to make modern life of the road-users more convenient and safe. ITS-United GmbH is pleased to be able to share our knowledge, customer expectations as well as experience in order to support manufacturers in bringing more advanced and know-how products onto the market.

Sustainability and compliance is the approach we practice in our work. We constantly aim in all activities to meet the requirements for business ethics and social responsibility.

Christoph Bernhard
CEO, ITS-United GmbH